43 Goals

Last week I said I was going to make a list of 43 Goals.

In no particular order, here they are:

43 Goals for 2014


  1. Blog Weekly
  2. Write my Book
  3. Learn to play the Guitar
  4. Get Organized
  5. Get Healthy
  6. Smile More
  7. Learn to Juggle
  8. Eat Slower
  9. Record a Podcast
  10. Read 24 Books
  11. Make Gingerbread Ninja Cookies
  12. Exercise
  13. Go to Australia
  14. Drink more Water
  15. Join a Mastermind Group
  16. Organize my Craft Corner
  17. Wear Makeup More Often
  18. Help the Queen Mum with Basement Organization
  19. Keep in Better Touch
  20. Write More Thank You Cards
  21. Floss More
  22. Renew Passport
  23. Make the Bed in the Morning
  24. Find New Homes for my Boxes of Books
  25. Be Kinder
  26. Touch my Toes
  27. Reduce Snooze Button usage
  28. Eat ‘Real Food’ More Often
  29. Get a Haircut
  30. Eat Less Sugar
  31. Get Up Earlier
  32. Complain Less
  33. Take Vitamins
  34. Collect Good Memories

I have to be honest and say that making a list of 43 goals took me a bit longer than I thought.

There were times this list seemed to be becoming more of a ‘To Do’ item list, rather than ‘Goals’. But as these are for me, who’s to say that’s wrong? Nobody.

What are your goals for 2015?

What is Order?

I’ve made this public declaration that Order-Will-Be-Mine this year. But what does exactly does that mean?

Good Question.

I’ve been mulling this over a bit and haven’t come up with a Good Answer (yet).
Which is just fine actually, since I’m not being tested on this. (At least not that I know about.)

In googling the word “order” (Thanks, Professor Google), I have discovered that, at least by one definition, it is:

“The arrangement or disposition of people or things in relation to each other according to a particular sequence, pattern or method.”

WHO Order Definition

That works for me.
Now I just need to find the method.

So this year I am going to have ORDER.
Just call me Umbridge.

Choose one and Be That.

From “Dead Again”

Someone's either a smoker or a nonsmoker, there's no in-between.
The trick is to find out which one you are and be that.

-Well, I'm trying to quit.
- Don't tell me you're trying.
Find out which one you are.
Be that. That's it.

Tracking my activity – Fitbit

Like most people, I’ve got some electronic(al) equipment in my life.

Unlike most people, I have named them.

My Macbook is Hal Jr. Jr., or H.J.2 (for the second). Original, I know.
My first Macbook, Hal Jr.
My Kindle Touch, Kevin.

And I have a two little pieces of coolness that I think that I’m enjoying quite a bit.
The Fitbit and the Fitbit Force.

Amazon Affiliate - The Fitbit One

I got the Fitbit One last year and have been wearing it everyday.
I love the fact that it syncs wirelessly and automatically. I also love the fact that I can ‘compete’ online with my friends that have one.

Now I just have to name them.