Hello, 2018… Goodbye, 2017

When beginning a new undertaking, there’s something in my internal wiring that likes beginning at the start (which is a very good place to.¹) What I mean is, this new “beginning,” for me, is best started on a clean slate – a Tabula Rasa – the first of the month, the beginning of a new year, the start of a new week… by which, I mean a Sunday. (I just can’t wrap my mind around the agendas that start on Mondays, even though it does make sense to me. Sorta.)

And, here we are again, at the beginning of a New Year. Funny how that happens.

So I’ve been noodling around, as I wrote yesterday, thinking about what I want to accomplish this year, next year, in my life. What are my “goals,”  my “resolutions”? You know, the usual rigamarole that happens at the beginning of the year. (And I’m clearly not the only one, as a quick google search will tell you.)

“This year, is going to be different!” I declare. Ok. So I say this every year, but at some point something’s gotta change, right? Keep trying enough new (to me) stuff, and something’s gotta stick, right? Right? That’s the working theory at least. The only way to prove this theory is to continue trying stuff until something works. Unless insanity appeals to one.

If I go back to my sporadic attempts at journaling, I find a disturbing preponderance of lists. Apparently, I am a consummate list-maker.  However, I would like to evolve into a consummate task-accomplisher. But HOW? Therein lies the rub.

If it were as easy as Nike’s slogan, “Just Do It,” what would there be to write about? And what the heck’s that mean, anyway… “Just do it.” Do what? What the heck is “IT”? And that’s part of the whole problem. What is it? What do I want to do? What do I want to accomplish this year? In three? In five? Does anyone else have problems figuring out what they want to accomplish? How have you overcome that… or have you?

In all my thinking, pondering, mulling, & noodling about what I want my 2018 to look like, I’ve decided there will be no “goals” or “resolutions” for me. At least not this year, this year I’ve got my word, and I’ll have my “MISSIONS.” “Missions” just make it sound more fun.

I’m not married to any of my mission ideas at present, but here’s 10 things off the cuff…

  1. Exercise more.
  2. Touch my toes.
  3. Eat better.
  4. Create recipe file.
  5. Learn brush lettering.
  6. Learn Illustrator.
  7. Declutter my space.
  8. Organize my space.
  9. Organize my life.
  10. Blog.

It’s a start.

¹ Nod to Maria.

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