♫ Talk about a Resolution… ♫

I know that I want to start (yet another) blog this year for 2018, but I always seem to struggle with what I want to write about. There are (always) lots (and lots and lots) of Ideas running about in my brain, but I am just not happy with the ideas that I’m coming up with. None of them feel right.

In my first post, I talked about how I suck at keeping New Year’s Resolutions. So this year I have decided that I am not going to make any. Sure, I have things I want to do (who doesn’t?), and things that I should do, and quite simply just stuff to do, but I ain’t gonna “Make a Resolution”. It’s just depressing when they get broken. And so very un-motivating.

I’ve toyed with choosing a ‘Word of the Year’. This certainly isn’t a new idea, which I’ve done in the past. Christine Kane had a “Word of the Year” Discovery Tool on her site, and although I didn’t use it to find my Word, something she wrote resonated with me.

Resolutions are fine, but they are often motivated by ‘shoulds.’ As such, they remain trapped in the ‘Should Realm’ — in our heads.

Should-a, would-a, could-a.

The whole day can be filled with ‘shoulds’. I ‘should’ exercise more. I ‘should’ get more sleep. I ‘should’ clean out the pantry. I ‘should’ brush my teeth everyday. (Okay, I do brush my teeth everyday, but you get the idea.)

‘Shoulds’. They’re exhausting! Why would I want to pick one as a Resolution? A ‘should’ that would be staring me in the face all year. And laughing.

I wouldn’t.

So, after a great deal of pondering, followed by some thinking, and then even more mulling, I found a word that fits. A word that encapsulates all that I want to do and accomplish this year. And it’s the same word as last year. And the year before that. (And probably before that…)

My Word.

‘What’s the word,’ you ask?


It will be mine.
Oh, yes.
It will.

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